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Jay Samit

The best big idea is only going to be as good as its implementation

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Meet Helena

A professional organizer and instructor dedicated to teaching you marketing so you can make your passion for organizing a business.

It’s great to meet you!

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The Tools I Use

The tools that will help you get started and build a solid base for your business, even on a small budget.
From collecting your thoughts to email marketing, I share a tool for your every need.

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The Blog

My friends and clients tell me I break things down in a way that makes it simple to understand and easy to implement.
The blog brings you information that is relevant to your business and your success.

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I’m here for you.

A professional organizer and instructor dedicated to teaching you marketing so you can make your passion for organizing a business.

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What Clients Say

  • Helena is honest, responsive, personable, discreet, and armed with the latest and greatest knowledge in her field. Having her manage my blog has been extremely valuable to me as a business owner; it’s helped me grow my business. She consistently goes above and beyond what’s expected; she’s exceptional.
  • Helena relates so well to business owners because she IS a business owner herself first. She is great at what she does and goes beyond the basics. As you can see from her websites and social media profiles, her eye for design and social media skills are fantastic! I’ve loved working with Helena on various projects and whenever someone asks me if I would recommend someone for social media or anything related to blog marketing, I always say “I have just the person – her name is Helena and she’s fantastic.” Do yourself a favor and hire this true expert.
  • When I first reached out to Helena, I had only the basics down for social media. I wanted to learn more and Helena helped me polish my social media skills and has helped me save money on foolish marketing gimmicks. She has done a lot of research, trial, and error, saving me time and money. In addition, she has helped me develop a “stylish” online presence at a low budget, her eye for design is impeccable and her resources are stellar.
  • Helena Alkhas has helped with all aspects of Reformular’s social media and online business efforts and the results are amazing both in terms of quantity and quality. We have more than tripled our Facebook followers. Plus, the level of engagement has increased dramatically! Helena is extremely skilled and educated as well as strategic and creative. Her tactics have generated leads and made our Brazilian organizing company even more visible. She’s helped us become leaders in a very competitive industry.
  • I sought out Helena to train an Associate to handle my social media. WOW! Helena was a wealth of information, steps, and resources in just a two-hour webinar. Vlasta, my associate, has done marvelous things with my company’s social media using Helena’s methods. It has taken off in leaps and bounds and the feedback has been awesome.
  • Nenhum curso que fiz para Personal Organizer tem o conteudo do Profissão: Personal Organizer; sou suspeita pra falar pois este curso me trouxe o que mais eu precisava: FOCO. Foco na área da organização que realmente eu gosto, me trouxe um conhecimento pessoal mais profundo, para então eu poder me dedicar ao que realmente eu quero. Me trouxe um contato mais pessoal com a Helena Alkhas, professora incrível, de uma bondade absurda, totalmente focada às suas alunas.
  • "Eu gostaria muito de dar uma dica para vocês. Antes de fazerem qualquer curso de Personal Organizer façam o PPO (curso da Helena). Precisamos antes engatinhar para depois correr uma maratona, depois de tanto gasto e investimento percebi que estava gastando minhas energias e me decepcionando, me deprimindo porque eu estava indo em uma direção totalmente errada. Helena minha gratidão a você, ninguém passa as informações que você da no curso!!!"